Magnetic plugs         New Shop Location         Magnetic Plugs
                                      Rebuilding Processes
                     New ShopShop  
                          The new shop while it was still under construction - now finished!

    Shafts   WorksNoseassys

                            Supercharger Technologies has expanded into a larger location. Our move has allowed
                       us to improve our cleaning and rebuilding processes. Our goal has always been to
                       continually improve our product. One of our latest improvements is that addition of
                       magnetic oil fill / drain plugs. These plugs pull any metal particles out of the bearing
                       and gear oil. This one change has dropped our number of warranties by more than 70%!
(Replacement Couplers)

Press out bearings and seals.   Replacement bearings and seals.
(Speacial seals were designed to duplicate the original design. Notice that
 the seals are designed for each rotational direction of each rotor. )
Nissan rotor bearings           Bearings and seals
After replacing bearings and seals the rotors are pressed
into the bearing plate. Later the gears are pressed onto
rotor shafts while maintaining rotor timing.
Press in rotors    Press on gears

            Press      Nose Cone Assemblies Shelf          Rotors                   

                               Assmebly Table          Drain Rack
                                          Magnetic PlugsNosecone with magnetsPlugs        
                                    Arrows show some of the locations we install the magnetic oil fill/drain plugs.   
CAD Image
                                                             Old Shop
                                                                    Old shop - several years ago.

                                                                          26988 SE Hwy 19   Unit 47
                                                                                    PO Box 186
                                                                           Old Town, FL  32680
                                                                   352-542-0147       352-542-9468 (fax)